What We Do

The NCCHC Foundation leverages donations and industry partnerships to lead research initiatives, share best practices, expand education for correctional health care professionals, and improve support for patients during reentry into the community.


Each year, more than 3,000 health care professionals participate in NCCHC educational offerings on-site or online. Many work for states and counties with limited funding for travel and participation. The Foundation uses its funding to support scholarships for health care professionals and expand learning opportunities for correctional health staff, corrections staff, and community health care professionals, particularly for young professionals and students interesting in pursuing correctional health care as a career.


Clinical research spending in the United States is estimated at $171 billion per year, and yet very little is spent on researching outcomes and best practices for incarcerated patients. There is a huge need for centralized data collection and analysis to identify best practices and support optimal outcomes for correctional patients, who often represent underserved communities.


The Foundation seeks to collaborate with individual donors, corporations, nongovernmental organizations, and government agencies to make a real difference in outcomes for patients in corrections and the communities to which they return. Key areas of concern include substance abuse, mental health, chronic health conditions, geriatric care, and infectious disease.