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Since its inception, NCCHC Foundation has awarded more than 120 scholarships to in-person and virtual conferences.

The NCCHC Foundation scholarship program is open to students in correctional health care-related fields and early career professionals with up to three years of experience in correctional health care. Our goal is to create enthusiasm for the field, expose scholarship winners to NCCHC standards and commitment to patient care, and raise the level of education in the field.  

Shaniqua Marsh 204w

“This scholarship experience was a transformative journey that provided not only financial aid but also a supportive community and invaluable connections. It was a profound and deeply enriching opportunity.” Shaniqua Marsh, LPN, RN student

Satia Kavanaugh Vanderloop 200w

“We left the NCCHC conference feeling honored and reminded of our capacity to shape the future of correctional health care. The conference dismantled the sense of isolation that often accompanies working in correctional facilities, igniting a renewed passion for our vital work.” Satia Kavanagh Vanderloop, MS, LPC, doctoral student

These Future Leaders Are Ready to Impress

Scholarship winners come to correctional health care through many paths: an incarcerated family member, an inspirational teacher, a random part-time job, a deep desire to help people at their lowest point. Conference attendance shows them how to raise expectations for themselves and their coworkers; what quality correctional health care means; what the leaders in the field are saying and doing. These videos give you a snapshot into these accomplished, inspirational students and professionals. 

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Your Donation Makes it Possible

NCCHC is thankful to the individual correctional health professionals and corporate donors who have given so generously. Please join us in investing in the future of correctional health care.